Reid Park Zoo

Reid Park Zoo
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3400 E. Zoo Court (off South Randolph Way)
Tucson, AZ 85716

Reid Park Zoo “BIg, Big Bugs” Exhibit is Open
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Explore naturalistic habitats housing exotic animals from around the world including up-close views of lions, anteaters, flamingos, bears, rhinos and more. You can feed a giraffe, ride the Cox Wildlife Carousel, or schedule a behind-the-scenes tour. Through animal care, education and conservation partnerships, Reid Park Zoo saves wild animals and wild places. By visiting, you help too.

Location: 3400 E. Zoo Court, off Randolph Way, between 22nd Street and Broadway Blvd.

Admission Fees

Adults $10.50

Seniors $8.50

Child (ages 2-14)  $6.50

Child (Under 2) FREE

Operating Calendar

October-May, 9am-4pm
June-September, 8am-2pm